asthma medicines

Asthma medicine

Now, many people suffer from a distressing health problem known as Asthma. It causes inflammation or swelling in the airways. So airways become narrow which creates difficulty in breathing. The main symptom of this health condition is shortness of breath. Besides, it can cause fever and cough. If your problem becomes severe, a whistling sound may come out of the nose when you excel. It is also a problem that interferes with your daily activities.

In some cases, it becomes life-threatening. Asthma is a type of problem that cannot be cured completely. However, you can control its symptom with proper treatment. There are various medications available on the market for preventing the symptoms of Asthma.

Asthma Medications 

Asthma medicines are divided into four categories as

  • Control medications:

The doctors usually prescribe the control medications to treat serious Asthma. It helps to prevent the symptoms from their root. It can open up the airways by reducing swelling or inflammation in that area. So, your breathing becomes easy.

  • Quick-relief medications – 

 These are also rescue medications that relax the airways' muscles. But it is a habit-forming medicine. It can stop working if you take it every day for a long time. You need to take it very carefully.

  • Combination of quick-relief and controller medicines –

It is being used for both quick relief and control. Research says, it effectively reduces both types of asthma. 

  • Biologics –

This treatment stops the inflammation or swelling inside the airways. They are given through injection or infusion to patients with persistent asthma.

Benefits of Asthma medicine:

Asthma medicines have different benefits. After taking the medicine, you can feel relaxed.

  • Reduce the inflammation of swelling on the airways
  • Prevent the cough and fever
  • Spread the narrow airways
  • Make the breathing easy
  • Prevent the other symptoms of asthma
  • Reduce the level of asthma

Asthma medicine prevents the symptom of health conditions:

Asthma medicine can lower the symptom of Asthma. Here are some examples of the medicines

  • Would be mother should take  Asthma medicine during pregnancy? It can lower the risk of breathing problems at the time of pregnancy.
  • Nowadays, the doctor prescribes medicine to children.
  • It can lower the risk of severe asthma by preventing it’s all its symptoms

How do you take Asthma medications to get the best result?

Most Asthma medications come in an oral form. However, some of the medications are available in another form.  These are

  • Injection
  • Inhaled powder.
  • IV into a vein.

Easing the symptoms, this medicine helps to reduce the symptom of Asthma. It also helps to reduce the duration of illness. After all, it helps the body eliminate the effect of the disease. These medications can prevent the spread of Asthma and frees the body from the diseases. Creating a protective shield helps the body fight against the problem.




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