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What are the side effects of Budesonide?

What are the side effects of Budesonide?

Budesonide inhaler is one of the most effective treatments for asthma available in the market.

Budesonide inhaler is a steroid inhaler. It helps in lowering and preventing inflammation and swelling in the lungs. This Asthma medicine is normally called a ‘controller’ inhaler. It is because it aids in controlling symptoms like COPD. It is a disease impacting the lungs that make it difficult for the person to breathe because this disease gets worse.

Like all drugs, a budecort inhaler can cause a few side effects. But not all get them. When inhaled, very little of this drug gets into the body. So unlikely it will give you any side effects. If you are using high dosages or using other steroid drugs or any pills for HIV or fungal infections, as a side effect you may have underactive adrenal glands.


Common side effects

  • Irritated or dry throat
  • Changes in voice
  • Hoarseness
  • Runny nose
  • Nosebleeds
  • Bad taste in the mouth


Serious side effects

It is unusual to get serious side effects when using a budecort(Budesonide)inhaler. If you take its higher dosage for a long period such as more than some months, you are more likely to suffer from serious side effects.


Inform your doctor in case you get:

  • Chills, a high temperature, a sore throat, sinus or ear pain, and a cough.
  • Change in mucus color, pain while peeing, mouth sores. All these are signs of a serious infection.
  • A rounded, puffy face, gain in weight in the belly or upper back. It gradually happens and is Cushing’s syndrome sign.
  • Stomach upset, vomiting, dizziness, muscle weakness, mood changes, appetite loss, and loss of weight. These are signs of problems with the adrenal gland.
  • Eyesight changes like blurred vision or cloudy lenses in the eyes. These are signs of glaucoma or cataract.


Serious allergic reaction

It rarely takes place. But it is possible to have a serious one to Budesonide inhaler. It is different from any asthma attack. If you are having symptoms of asthma, like tightness in your throat or chest, wheezing, etc. use a reliever inhaler. If such symptoms do not improve or become worse, tell your doctor.


Use of budecort inhaler for long-term

Kids and teenagers: Using budecort inhalers at higher dosages for a long duration may slow down kids' and teenagers’ normal growth. Your doctor will carefully check their weight and height for as long as they will be using this drug. It will help them in identifying if there is any slowing down of the growth of your child and change the treatment if required.

If the growth of your child slows down for some time, it does not seem to have too much effect on their ultimate adult height. Discuss with your doctor if you get worried as he can explain the risks and benefits of prescribing this drug to your child.

Adults: If you take the budecort inhaler as suggested by your doctor, you are unlikely to have lasting side effects. Adults who take high dosages have a high risk to get problems with the adrenal gland or osteoporosis over time. It is because a lot of steroid gets inside your body. After closely monitoring you, your doctor will recommend drugs that will help strengthen your bones. Have foods rich in calcium like cheese and milk and exercise regularly to keep your bones healthy.


How to stop these side effects?

These side effects can be prevented if you rinse your water well with water and spit the water out after rinsing. Do this after you use a budecort inhaler. You can brush your teeth every time you use this inhaler. Use a spacer device and reduce such side effects.


Other drugs for treating asthma

Apart from budecort inhalers, doctors also prescribe drugs such as Duova Rotacaps, Foracort inhalers, Tiova Rotacaps, Seretide Diskus, Duolin inhalers, and Flixonase Nasal Spray to treat asthma and allergies.


How do they work?

They prevent the cells present in your lungs and breathing passages from releasing chemical messengers that make the airways inflamed. It widens the airways and makes it easier to breathe.


Benefits of using these drugs

These inhalers work, reduce and prevent swelling and inflammation in the lungs. They do not stop any asthma attack that has already begun. But prevent the symptoms. These are chest tightness, breathlessness, wheezing, or coughing. It lets you carry out your everyday activities with ease and confidence. Keep using a budecort inhaler regularly as told by your doctor even if you do not suffer from any symptoms. This is because it may take some weeks for these drugs to show their full effects. If you abruptly stop using them, your symptoms may come back.


How should you use these drugs?

The types and dosage of asthma drugs you require depend on your age, your symptoms, asthma severity, and the side effects of the drugs. As your asthma may change over time, you need to closely work with your doctor. It will help him to track your symptoms and accordingly adjust your asthma drugs if required.

Before use, check the label for all directions. Shake your inhaler well. While you are inhaling from your mouth, press down on your inhaler once and release the drug. Then hold your breath for 10 seconds. Repeat this process until you inhale the total puffs as mentioned by your doctor. Then thoroughly rinse your water using water and spit it out.

Use a budecort inhaler as prescribed by your doctor. It is given for a fixed time. Complete the full treatment of the drug and enjoy the maximum benefits. It is not for any emergency purpose. So use this drug and maintain your condition regularly. If the unused drug has expired, you must discard it. Do not use it in smaller or larger quantities or for longer than you have been prescribed it. Talk with your doctor if you experience undesirable side effects.


Quick tips for using these drugs

  • Doctors prescribe drugs to treat asthma.
  • Immediately contact your doctor if your breathing worsens while using these drugs.
  • Do not smoke. It will irritate and damage the lungs. Thus your condition will become worse.
  • If you suffer from diabetes, keep in mind to check your blood glucose more frequently. This is because the drug can create an impact on the sugar level in the blood.
  • Do not stop using a budecort inhaler without your doctor’s advice, even if you feel much better.
  • Overweight people must lose weight. If you are obese, you need to work much harder for breathing in and inflating your lungs.



Tracking side effects and adjusting the treatment based on a few changes is the best way to keep your symptoms of asthma under control. With your doctor, create a detailed outline for using long-term drugs and managing your asthma attack. Tell him about all your health conditions and other drugs you are using. Then follow his mentioned plan. Be aware of when to adjust your drugs, when to get medical help, and how to identify asthma emergencies. If your doctor prescribes any method of measuring how well your lungs work, use it as per the plan. Even if your condition improves and you feel better, take the budecort inhaler as told by your doctor. Track your symptoms and side effects until you discuss them with your doctor. Always use it as suggested by your doctor and do not alter the dosage or frequency of the drug.


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