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Salbutamol vs Albuterol

Salbutamol vs Albuterol

Albuterol is also known as salbutamol. This drug is used for preventing and treating breathing shortness and wheezing that happens because of breathing issues.

These are COPD and asthma. It can also aid in preventing the onset of an asthma attack if you take it before exercise or due to exposure to some triggers. These include pollen, house dust, pets, and cigarette smoke. Salbutamol Inhaler will let you exercise more freely. You do not have to worry about having symptoms like coughing, wheezing, or shortness of breath. It will allow you to live your life comfortably without worrying a lot about things that set off your symptoms.

There is no major difference between these two drugs. Salbutamol inhaler is also called Albuterol. It is sold under the brand name Ventolin. This is the brand name among others and is a drug that causes the opening of large and medium airways in the lungs. Salbutamol inhaler is also sold as asthalin inhalers which is a quick-relief drug. It is part of a group of drugs called bronchodilators. It works and relaxes the muscles around the airways. Thus they open up and make it easy for you to breathe.


How should you use the drugs to treat these breathing-related problems?

For Salbutamol Inhaler check the label well for all directions. Do it before using this drug. Shake the inhaler. While you breathe in from your mouth, press down your inhaler once to release the drug. Then you need to hold your breath. Repeat it until you have inhaled the number of puffs as told by your doctor. Then thoroughly rinse your mouth with water. After that spit it out. 


Other drugs that treat COPD or asthma

The types and dosages of asthma and COPD drugs depend on a person’s age, symptoms, and severity of the condition apart from the side effects of the drug. Discuss with your doctor, track your symptoms, and get a drug prescribed. Your doctor will monitor your condition closely and then he will adjust the drug if required. Few drugs control long-term conditions while others give quick relief. Some drugs that are effective in treating these conditions other than Salbutamol are the Asthalin inhaler, Maxiflo inhaler, Budecort inhaler, Seroflo Inhaler, and Foracort inhaler.


Are these drugs safe?

Side effects

A lot of its side effects do not need any medical attention. They will fade as your body will adjust to this drug. Inform your doctor if they continue or if get worried about them.  Salbutamol Inhaler side effects are vomiting, nausea, fungal infections, and respiratory tract infection. Headache, cough, sore throat, and hoarseness of voice are the other side effects. It has other rare side effects that are serious. Talk to your doctor if you get worried about them. In general, you must try to avoid situations that make your asthma worse and you should not smoke.


Pregnant and breastfeeding women

Your doctor will tell you if this drug is safe to take or not. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding do not use it without asking your doctor.


Kidney and liver disease

Before you use Asthalin Inhaler, you must tell your doctor if you have liver or kidney disease. He will then prescribe an appropriate dosage for you.


Precautions and warnings


  • Asthalin Inhaler includes salmeterol. It is a long-acting beta-2-adrenergic agonist and fluticasone, a corticosteroid. It will relax bronchial smooth muscles that cause bronchodilation. Fluticasone will lower inflammation.

  • It is a controller drug. You can use it regularly as told by your doctor. It will not aid in relieving the sudden worsening of any respiratory symptoms.

  • Salbutamol Inhaler is only for inhalation. It will not work immediately. You should not use it to relieve sudden breathing issues. You should use your rescue inhaler for controlling sudden challenges in breathing.

  • You should take Salbutamol Inhaler at the same time daily.

  • This Inhaler is a breath-actuated inhaler. So you can use it easily. It will overcome the issue of patient coordination of actuation with inhalation. 

  • Talk to your doctor to know ways of using an Asthalin Inhaler. It may cause an increase in the levels of blood sugar. So the levels of blood sugar must be monitored with caution. Get help from your doctor for further information.

  • A dry mouth can occur as a side effect. Practice mouth rinses often, good oral hygiene, and an increased intake of water and sugarless candy will help. Gargle with warm water after every inhalation to avoid fungal infections in your throat and mouth. Do so after you use Asthalin Inhaler each time. 

  • You must correctly use the Inhaler. If your symptoms or any side effect becomes worse then, let your doctor know about it. 

  • You should not use it more often than told by your doctor. Salbutamol inhaler will increase all side effects risk than offering any additional therapeutic benefits. Yet if you feel that the symptoms are not getting relieved by the given dosages then talk with your doctor. Get a re-evaluation done.

  • You can take your missed dosage as soon as you can. But skip it if it is almost time to take your next scheduled dosage. Do not overdose yourself.

  • You must use the first dosage of this drug under medical advice. It may be causing tightening or wheezing of your airways after using it. 

  • Your doctor will monitor your level of blood potassium level regularly as low levels of oxygen in the blood and drugs like this can reduce blood potassium. Only little amount of this drug may get absorbed into your bloodstream after you use Asthalin Inhaler. So serious side effects are much more unlikely.

  • A few people who use this drug may experience an increase in heart rate. If it occurs, one must immediately get medical help.

  • This drug is not at all addictive. Seroflo250 inhaler is a useful and effective drug for people suffering from breathing issues because of COPD and asthma.

  • You need to store it at room temperature. Keep the Salbutamol inhaler away from heat. Do not let direct light touch it. You should not allow your kids or pets to consume it.


So if you wish to treat shortness of breath or wheezing due to asthma or COPD, consult your doctor and use a Salbutamol inhaler or Albuterol. Keep in mind that there is no difference between these two drugs. Take the one that your doctor suggests and follow everything he mentions. Strictly use it till the period and for the frequency he recommends. Even if you feel better, do not stop using it suddenly. Then either your symptoms will come back or your condition will become worse. Use it as told and track your symptoms and side effects until you have a conversation with your doctor. Also, remember not to share it with anyone who is suffering from similar symptoms like you, but no doctor prescribed him this drug. Keep your asthma under control, by consulting your doctor. Be alert about when to visit your doctor and ways of recognizing any asthma emergency. Be alert, listen to your doctor and you will be able to see an improvement in your condition.



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