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How long does Kamagra 100mg last for best result to reduce your impotence?

How long does Kamagra 100mg last for best result to reduce your impotence?

Timing is very important when you are using treatment for ED.

It is because you usually have a certain time in your mind. Maybe you will plan a special occasion, or you have a limited schedule be it in perfect circumstances, it will be beneficial when you require it and gone when you do not. As Kamagra 100mg is an excellent one-off treatment you must be aware of when you should use it to have the best results and how you may expect it to impact you. Let us check the basics:


Sildenafil the ingredient present in this drug lasts for 4-6 hours in case of full potency. You will keep on having some effect while there is some drug present in your bloodstream. So it can still create results past that point. It will depend on your age, health, dose, and sexual activity.  Remember that this drug will not produce any erection for the entire time it is present in your system. They will let you achieve a proper erection when you are stimulated sexually. Your penile erection will go down as usual after ejaculation. 


How does Kamagra work?

It relaxes the cells in the muscles present in the blood vessels that supply the penis. Thus it allows an increased flow of blood. Penile erections take place when blood flows into the male organ. With the help of the right sexual stimulation, Kamagra 100mg will increase blood flow and bring back impaired erectile function.

How long does it take to work?

If you use it on an empty stomach, the Kamagra tablet will start to work within half an hour. It will take complete effect within one hour. If you recently ate, it may take another hour. The bigger you are, the longer this drug will take time to spread through your bloodstream. The maximum level will fall by almost 50 % each 3-5 hours and should entirely go within one day. 

How effective is it?

It has been shown to be highly effective in two-thirds of men suffering from ED. The effectiveness of this drug is lowered if you use it after a heavy meal or having large amounts of alcohol. You must keep in mind that without sexual arousal, it will not produce any result. The cause and severity of ED will affect how well you react to this drug. You should not be worried if you do not face any effective results the first time you take it. This is very common. Doctors ask to use it up to 8 times before you switch to a higher dose or explore any alternative option of ED treatment. 

What factors impact its effectiveness?

There are a lot of things that can affect how successfully this drug works. So do not panic if it does not work the first time. Try it until your doctor asks you to change the dose or treatment. A few things that can affect the effectiveness of Kamagra 100mg are:


Food: Having a meal before you use Kamagra dosage will cause it to start a slow effect. Fatty meals will make it difficult for it to enter your bloodstream. Generally, you should use it on your empty stomach to get the best results. But it does not mean that you starve yourself. Just keep a gap of two hours after you eat before using this drug.

Alcohol: Having over one or two units of alcohol will make it less effective. Too much consumption of alcohol will compromise penile erections regardless of ED.

Sexual arousal: When you buy Kamagra online and use it, you must know that it needs sexual arousal to start its effect. It will not cause any erection on its own. 


How long will it take to leave your body?

Usually, it will leave the system after 2-3 hours. Based on your metabolism, this drug can take almost 5-6 hours to completely leave the system. If you use a higher dose, then it will take longer to leave the body. A dose of 25mg may leave the body after a couple of hours. But a 100mg dosage will take almost 4 hours to leave your body. 


How do various doses compare?

As the efficacy of this drug depends on how much you have in your body, starting with a large dosage will make it stay longer but not for a much longer time. 100mg is the maximum prescribed dose as the dosage above may cause heart issues and produce side effects more consistently. If you use a dosage of 25 mg, then based on your weight and the degree of your ED you may only find it effective for only 2-3 hours. When you use a prescription, your doctor will tell you the exact dosage to start with, although the normal initial dosage for most men is 50mg.


Kamagra versus other ED treatments

As far as the time is concerned, there are two major types of drugs in the oral treatment category for ED:

  • Those that stay for 4-6 hours: Vardenafil and Avanafil are also part of this category.
  • For those that stay between 1-2 days: Cialis or Tadalafil is the only popular choice in this category. It can increase the ability of a man to get a penile erection for almost 36 hours. 

If you are in search of a treatment that can offer consistent performance support for a long time then Tadalafil may be the best choice for you. For one-time potency, Kamagra pills will be the best choice. Before making a decision, consult your doctor and follow all the instructions mentioned by him. 


Frequently asked questions


When should I see a doctor?

Consult your doctor before you use this drug or any related ED drug. Use a safe dosage and work out a proper understanding of how much you should use in 24 hours. A few drugs for heart conditions like nitroglycerin and other nitrates can dangerously interact with Kamagra 100mg and cause your blood pressure to fall too low.


Is there any potential risk?

It often lasts for a few hours. Normally you will not have a penile erection the entire time as this drug is only used to help increase the flow of blood. If you do not think it is working quickly enough stimulate your sexual arousal. If this drug does not work after half an hour, do not use any more than the daily dosage that your doctor mentioned. Do not take more than 100mg of it in 24 hours. Too much of it can cause Kamagra side effects like low blood pressure, and orthostasis that can cause fainting and severe headache. A higher dosage can cause priapism. It is a painful penile erection that lasts more than 4 hours and can cause damage to the penis tissue. It is because blood stored in the male organ does not receive any oxygen. You must get immediate treatment if it happens. 


Is there any alternative to Kamagra?

If this drug does not work or is not safe for you, discuss with your doctor about other possible ED treatments like penile implants, penis pumps, exercises, and therapy for depression and anxiety. 


Few final words:

Kamagra 100mg should reach maximum impact within one hour. It kicks in quicker when you use it on an empty stomach. Once it will start to work, you may have 2-6 hours of complete impact based on the dosage. It will make it easier to have a penile erection and the effect will fall over time and go away within a day. If you use more than the prescribed maximum dose, it will not help. It will be ideal if you require intermittent support. 





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