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How can I fix my erectile dysfunction easily?

How can I fix my erectile dysfunction easily?

Enhance intimacy with Vidalista 80mg - a powerful ED medication for men, boosting performance and rekindling passion

Vidalista 80 mg offers the best solution for erectile dysfunction, and sexual issues in men. ED is a common issue in men across the world. A man having these issues should go for a permanent solution and Vidalista Black 80mg is the perfect solution.


Overview – Vidalista 80mg 

This medicine is a preferred ED treatment and some people call it a magic pill. This medicine has Tadalafil as its active ingredient to attain a perfect erection and sustain it for a long. ED also termed sexual impotence can leave a negative effect on your self-confidence. For such men, Vidalista Black 80mg helps sort out sexual issues.


How does it work?


Vidalista 80mg increases the flow of blood to the penis to help males get an erection. Its effects stay for 4-5 hours. Upon sexual stimulation, men can get an erection and keep it for a long easily. It can help fix ED problems without any hassles.


What are the benefits of taking Vidalista 80mg?


Helpful treatment for ED

Help men who face ED issues where they couldn't get and keep an erection upon sexual stimulation.

  • Longer lasting results

The effects of this medicine can stay up to 36 hours which is considerably longer than other Erectile Dysfunction medicines and offers a longer duration for sexual activity.

  • More sexual confidence

Men who face ED issues may deal with low self-confidence but this tablet can allow them to enhance sexual confidence.


What is the correct dosage of this tablet?

Tadalafil Vidalista 80mg is a medicine that helps resolve ED issues in males and it contains 80mg tadalafil which boosts the blood flow to the penile region to produce a hard erection. The ideal dosage of this tablet is one tablet a day with a glass of water. Taking this medicine 30 minutes before sex would help get maximum outcomes.

Follow the guidelines of the medical expert or the instructions given on the medicine label as the dosage can differ with each male based on their medical history.

Do not exceed the limit of taking 1 tablet per day. If you do so, you may face unwanted side effects like dizziness, vision changes, headaches, etc. If you notice any side effects or if they do not subside, speak to your medical professional.


Side effects Vidalista 80mg

  • Indigestion
  • Muscle aches
  • Back pain
  • Headache
  • Flushing
  • Runny/stuffy nose


Drug interactions

If you decide to take this tablet with other medicines for ED, make sure you speak to your healthcare expert about the other drugs you are taking. Some drugs can interact with this tablet and elevate the risk of severe side effects or lower the efficacy of the medicine.

  • Do not take Vidalista 80mg with nitrates. Nitrates are medicines used for treating heart diseases or chest pain. Combining nitrates with this tablet can drop your blood pressure significantly.
  • Alpha-blockers can interact with this tablet.


Safety Precautions - Vidalista 80mg

  • If you have diseases like high blood pressure, liver problems, kidney disease, heart disease, or other health issues, consult a medical expert with heart disease, kidney disease, or other health problems should consult a physician to avoid complications.
  • Vidalista Black 80mg should not be consumed before consuming alcohol. It can delay the working of this tablet taking longer to show results or an erection.
  • Avoid Grapefruit juice on the specific day when you are using this tablet. It can interact with this medicine.



How fast will Vidalista tablet work?

Tadalafil Vidalista 80 takes nearly 30 minutes to 1 hour to show effects after taking it. Well, the precise time varies with metabolism, other medicines, and diet taken by an individual.

I missed a dose of Vidalista 80mg, what can I do?

If you forget a dose of this tablet, follow the guidelines given by the doctor or read the medicine’s label. Well, this medicine is taken as required rather than following a regular schedule.

So, if you forget a dose and the time for the next dose is nearing, it is advisable to skip the forgotten dose and continue with the normal dose. 

What are the possible contraindications of this tablet?

Using this tablet also has some contraindications which means there are some conditions under which you should not take this medicine and these include:

  • Taking nitrates regularly or in between as a combination of this tablet and nitrates can drop your blood pressure
  • Allergy or hypersensitivity to Tadalafil or other ingredients of this tablet.
  • Using riociguat which is a medicine to treat PAH as using this medicine with Vidalista 80mg can lead to drastic drops in blood pressure.
  • Acute kidney or liver disease as the medicine may not flush out of the body and can accumulate to reach higher levels.
  • Recent heart attacks, stroke as the medicine can put added pressure on the blood and heart vessels.

 It is vital to notify your health expert about any medical issues you have or take any medicines before you start using Vidalista. The medical expert can decide if the medicine is safe and appropriate for you and guide you on managing the possible interactions and side effects.

How can I store Vidalista 80?

Store it in a place that is dry, cool, and not exposed to direct sunlight & heat. Make sure the pets & children cannot reach the medicine. The ideal temperature to store this tablet is room temperature. Avoid storing it in the washroom as temperature and humidity can change the medicine’s stability.

Do not take out the medicine from its original packaging to protect it from air, moisture, and light. Do not take out the medicine from its original pack till the time you are ready to consume it.

Can I purchase Vidalista 80mg online?

Yes, you can buy Vidalista 80mg online but make sure you purchase it from reputable sources. Look for licensed online medical stores that need a prescription from your medical expert. This will ensure that you are buying the medicine from a genuine source and medicine is safe, effective, and authentic to meet your ED needs.

Can women use Vidalista(tadalafil) tablets?

This tablet is not advisable for women. This tablet was made to treat ED in men and its effectiveness and safety in women have not been recorded.

Can Vidalista tablet lead to blindness?

Vidalista 80mg works to treat ED. In very rare cases individuals have reported visual problems after using this tablet. Still, note that cases of blindness are rare and arise in patients with existing eye problems.

Can tadalafil tablet lead to hearing loss?

Just like visual problems, there are rare cases of hearing loss reported with the use of this tablet. Still, rare cases include people already having hearing problems.

Can people with high blood pressure use Vidalista 80?

Normally, it is safe for patients suffering from high BP to use this tablet, but make sure you discuss it with your medical expert before using this.

 This tablet relaxes the blood vessels which can lead to low blood pressure. If you have an existing high blood pressure problem, the drop in blood pressure can result in fainting, dizziness, and lightheadedness. Hence, medical experts assess the blood pressure of an individual and examine cardiovascular health before suggesting this tablet.


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