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Comparing Symbicort & Foracort Inhalers – Which is the Best Option?

Comparing Symbicort & Foracort Inhalers – Which is the Best Option?

Foracort inhaler is an effective medicine to treat COPD

Patients having breathing problems may need inhalers as part of treatment. This blog will discuss the two common inhalers Foracort 400 and Symbicort inhalers the better of the two. You will find a lot of inhalers to manage respiratory problems. A medical expert may give other medicines to some individuals with existing health conditions.

Symbicort is approved for use in patients aged 6 years and older, while Foracort is approved for use in patients aged 12 years and older. Symbicort is also available in a higher strength (Symbicort 400/12), while Foracort 400 is the highest strength available for Foracort. Some other aspects like side effects, type of inhaler, and severity of health issues may force some individuals to try an alternative to this inhaler. When it comes to comparison between Symbicort Inhaler and the Foracort inhaler, both are the same. Foracort is a cheaper form of Symbicort.


How do these inhalers help?

Both inhalers contain the same combination of medicines and treat COPD. These inhalers help expand your lung airways and relax the airway muscles to help you breathe in and breathe out. It offers comfort in symptoms such as shortness of breath, coughing, chest tightness, and wheezing. The inhaler starts working in a few minutes and the results last up to many hours. Continue using it for the duration prescribed.


How do the two inhalers work?

Both these inhalers contain the same medicines - Formoterol & Budesonide.

The first medicine relaxes airway muscles & expands them. The second medicine blocks the production of some chemical messengers that give rise to the swelling of airways. The combination of these two medicines offers easy breathing.


Price Comparison

When we compare the price of the two inhalers, Symbicort 160mcg/4.5mcg prices are high whereas Foracort 200 Inhaler comes in cheaper price. This means the latter is cheaper and gives the same result. So, if you are looking for a cost-effective option with the same results, Foracort Inhaler would be the ideal choice.

After reading about the Foracort Inhaler and Symbicort Inhaler, we discover there are no differences between the two.


Are you thinking of an alternative to Symbicort other than Foracort Inhaler?

Well, there is one with the same salt formulation - Formonide 200 Inhaler; This inhaler comprises the same salt combination - budesonide and formoterol. It is available as MDI and is a popular inhaler. This combination works as a maintenance treatment for COPD which means it can be used daily to prevent symptoms. It can also be used when needed in case the symptoms get worse. Formonide 200 Inhaler is approved by FDA and can be used as an alternative to Symbicort. It helps treat asthma in children (above 6 years) and also fights asthma in adults. It can also help treat emphysema and chronic bronchitis apart from COPD. Both the inhalers work the same although the inhaler may look a bit different. You will get the same benefits from the inhaler.

If you are thinking of moving to an alternative to Symbicort inhaler, you need to take some careful steps like

  • Do not halt using Symbicort

If you stop using this inhaler abruptly, it can worsen your asthma/COPD and you can get withdrawal symptoms like muscle pain & weakness. The dose needs to be reduced slowly before you stop this inhaler.

  • Note down the symptoms in a diary

You can maintain a diary to note the disease symptoms. A medical expert can refer to this diary to assess how well Symbicort is functioning.

  • Maintain a list of side effects of the medication

Try to keep track of the side effects of this inhaler if you face any. Speak to your medical expert immediately if you experience side effects like high BP, lung infections, low bone density, or cataracts.

  • Discuss dosing preference with your medical expert

Different types of inhalers come with pros and cons. While choosing an alternative check the ease of use and dosing preferences.

  • Check with the medical expert for complementary therapies. 

In case you are planning for some changes in lifestyle or OTC supplement along with treatment routine, speak to your medical expert first. Do not alter or halt the respiratory medication prescription.

  • Check insurance coverage

Before moving to an alternative, make sure it is covered in your insurance plan. If it is included but costly, or not covered, check with your insurance provider.


Let us have a look at answers to some questions you may have in mind regarding these two inhalers.


Q-Do these inhalers contain steroids?

Yes, one of the components of this inhaler is a steroid which is an anti-inflammatory medication to treat several conditions like asthma.

Q-Can I use higher doses of Foracort 400 to get faster and better results?

No. Taking higher doses of the medicine will not give you faster or better results but rather result in more side effects. If you find no improvement in the symptoms with the suggested doses, consult your medical care expert.

Q-Can I drink consume water after using this inhaler?

You can drink water whenever you want to after using this inhaler. But, rinse your mouth after using the inhaler and before drinking water.

Q-What should I tell my medical expert before I start using this inhaler?

Tell your medical expert about your health issues and surgical history. Also, tell him if you have kidney, liver, or heart diseases and other medicines that you are taking.


Q-When to stop using this inhaler?

Speak to your physician before you discontinue using this inhaler. If you stop using it suddenly, it can result in an asthma attack. Hence, use this inhaler as prescribed by the medical expert.


Q-Is this inhaler safe for pregnant ladies?

This inhaler is safe for pregnant ladies. Still, your physician may prescribe this inhaler if required and has more benefits to offer against risks. So, always speak to your medical expert before you take any medicines during pregnancy.


Q-Is it safe to take antifungal medicine with this inhaler?

It is better to consult your healthcare expert before taking any medications.


Q-What are the common side effects of Symbiocort inhalers?

You may observe common side effects like dizziness, vomiting, stomach upset, nausea, and headache.

These symptoms are mild and will go away automatically.


Q-Can you tell me how to store and dispose of this inhaler?

Store this inhaler in its original pack. If there is unused medicine, dispose of it and ensure the pets, children or others do not use it.



Both these inhalers help clear the infection of the lungs so that you can breathe easily. Both inhalers work similarly and have some side effects too. Still, you should discuss with your medical expert to know which the suitable inhaler is for you. Before using the inhaler, discuss everything about your health and the medicines you are taking so that there are no risks of side effects and drug interactions. With the help of these inhalers, you can fight the symptoms of COPD and asthma effectively. Do not ignore breathing problems like asthma as it can get severe and you may experience an asthma attack.

Breathing problems can affect your daily life and inhalers can come as a savoir in your life. Seek help from a nurse or doctor to learn how to use the inhaler.






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