Medical science has made significant progress over the years. Medicines for almost all diseases are available these days. In fact, different companies produce medicines with the same composition and use as others but with different brand names. Generic medicines are the name given to these medicines. A Tablet containing the same composition as the other brands do and giving the same benefits can be sold under different brand names. Generic medicines are legal and safe for consumption. In countries like India, you can buy generic medicines online too. The US Food and Drug Administration also allows the sale of generic medicines.


There are many reasons why you should consider buying generic medicines from India. Generic medicines are no different than medicines sold under brand names. They both work the same way and do not result in any side effects. They are however cheaper than the brand name medicines which you can easily get. Low Costs may be the reason why they are popular nowadays. Let us discuss some of the reasons why you should buy Generic Medicines from India :


We discussed some benefits/reasons why you should buy Generic medicine from India. Now let us discuss some important points about generic medicines which you should keep in mind.

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